producer sheep skins of lamb natural decorative, carpet, factory wholesale in Poland

Information about company

leathers decorative clothing shoe PolandThe Tannery was established in 1980s, we have big experience in producing sheepskin fur coats. We work very hard to produce best leathers in country. During long-term care given by our technologists and staff, we perfected industrial treatment to the limit. We guarantee best quality. Each of our leather goes through long maze of quality control, and that’s why You are 100% sure of getting perfectly refined leather. Because we use best chemicals available on European market, our leathers are soft, fluffy and odor-free. We extended our offer of decorative leathers with individual orders. If want to place an order or have any question about leathers, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will try to fulfill your wish that considers leathers.

Quality and services:
We provide leathers to local market, but we also export our goods to West and East Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine). We manufacture skins that come from Germany, England, Netherlands, Spain, Island, USA and Australia. Thanks to permanent innovations, we achieve better quality of our products. We are very good at what we do.


leathers decorative clothing shoe Poland
leathers decorative clothing shoe Poland
leathers decorative clothing shoe Poland
Fur clothing
leathers decorative clothing shoe Poland